Don’t miss it! Get Free Skin Change Mobile Legends

For MOBA Mobile Legends game players, don’t miss this event, you have to log in to the game today (08 July 2021), in order to get 1 free skin from Moonton, yep Change Moonstruck skin.Moonton is currently distributing free skins for Mobile Legends players wherever they are. Anyone can also get the skin, no matter their rank is Legend up or Legend rank down.The skin that will be given free by Moonton for all Mobile Legends players is the Moonstruck skin from the hero, Change. How to get it is also very easy, here’s how to get it:
  • Login to the Mobile Legends game for 6 consecutive days.
  • If it’s finished, then you can claim a free skin in the event section or in the mailbox.
  • Done.
skin change moonatruck free free mobile legends
This free skin event period starts today, July 8, 2021 until July 18, 2021. Moonton gives players time to complete this mission for more than 1 week, so there is a great chance for all players to get this Skin Change.Once again, reminds you not to forget to login today to start the task given by Moonton to get this skin Change for free.Source: Instagram

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