How to Get Free Skins at the 515 Carnival Mobile Legends Event

How to get free skins at the 515 Carnival Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB Event! Yep yesterday April 27 players will find the newest and most anticipated event, the 515 Carnival Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB event, one of the events that has started is the popularity event.

In this event, the popularity of the MOBA mobile player will compete with 4 other players to gain popularity for 3 days so they can get rewards. If the player succeeds in becoming a winner, the player will get a large reward, namely 515 Gold Coins and 140 diamond promos. For 2-5 winners, you will also get a reward.

To gain popularity players have to ask for help from friends, how to invite friends, every day a maximum of 30. And you can also help each other for 5 times a maximum.

Not only that, players can also do daily top-ups to add popularity points. Because this event lasts quite a long time until May 12, 2021 and there will be 5 rounds that players can participate in.

Free skin for free event 515 carnival mobile legends

If the player becomes 1st place in each round, they can certainly get 5 pieces of 515 Gold Coins which can be exchanged for a free skin box containing the Epic Dragon’s Tamer Squad Skin (Valir, Ling, Kimmy, Masha, Estes), and various special and elite skins randomly.

In addition, players can also exchange Gold coins or Silver coins with the Diamond Promo. And it can be used to buy skins for free (you need 1 blue diamond) with a diamond promo (yellow diamond) worth a diamond.

That’s how to get free skins at the 515 Carnival Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB.

Source: Mobile Legends


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