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Granger Get Buff, Best Burst Type Marksman In Early-Game

Granger is one of the marksman heroes who at the beginning of its release was the most popular in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, but in recent meta players are not interested in it because there are heroes who are better than Granger. And this time he gets a new buff again in the next patch update that is ongoing on the Advance server. In the patch update, Moonton informed him that he would increase the damage given by the marksman hero with the burst attack type to improve Granger’s performance in the early game.

The Granger Buff was given because Moonton thought that the damage given by Granger was not big enough during the early / mid game, so Moonton ended up increasing Granger’s damage as you can see in the note update below. Base damage given from 30-180 to 45-195, this buff increases by 15 damage per level so Granger can farm and jungling easier.

fajaryusuf.com granger mobile legends get buff a

Certainly with the new patch update, Granger will increasingly dominate the game, especially in the early game for farming and killing enemies, because Granger is one of the Marksman heroes who has massive damage in the Early-game. What do you think about the buff given by Moonton?

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