Hero Buff dan Nerf Patch 1.4.14 Mobile Legends

List of Hero Buff & Nerf on Patch Update 1.4.14 Mobile Legends

Moonton just did a major update for Mobile Legends on Tuesday 17 September. In addition to releasing new heroes, Masha, and revamp Valir, Moonton also provides nerf & buffs for several heroes.

Buff & Nerf on the patch update 1.4.14 is in the spotlight because it gives an opportunity for old school heroes to shine again, and new heroes so that they are not overpowered. Yup, roughly, who are the Hero Mobile Legends who got Buff & Nerf updated this time?

Buff & Nerf on patch update 1.4.14

Hero Buff Patch 1.4.14 Mobile Legends

1. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the only newcomer Hero to enter the buff hero list on patch 1.4.16. In this update, Shield generated skill 1 has increased from 350-650 ( +100% Total Magic Power ) to 350-750 ( +150% Total Magic Power )

This buff does look ordinary, but it will have a big effect on the battle. Because, the Shield which is the main source of strength gets increased.

Esmeralda did get a nerf on the Shield effect. And, this time buff is predicted to restore his popularity which is slowly being displaced by new meta Fighter like X.Borg, Dyrroth, and Terizla.


The King of Silence which is the nickname Helcurt returned to his hand with a buff on the effect of the passive silence skill. The silence duration goes back to the beginning to 1.5 seconds previously affected by the nerf so that the duration is only 0.8 seconds.

However, there are few consequences from this buff. Although the silence duration increases, the cooldown effect is actually increased to 4 seconds from the previous 3 seconds.

Not only is the silence effect buffed. Damage from skill 2 increased from 200 at the initial level to 250. However, damage at the final level remains the same, which is 400 points.

The return of the Assassin’s meta glory isn’t likely to be only marked by the presence of new hero Ling. This is reinforced by Helcurt who gets a buff on the 1.4.14 patch update.

3. Cyclops

Cyclops became the next old school Mobile Legends hero who got a significant buff. Just like Helcurt, this Hero who claims handsome gets an increase in damage skill 1.

At the initial level, damage increases from 220 to 245. However, damage at the final level remains the same, 370.

The next buff can be said to be the most significant. The Spell Vamp effect coefficient of skill 2 is again increased to 100%. Previously, the count was only 50% of the Spell Vamp effect.

Just like Helcurt, this buff is expected to return to making Cyclops popular again. Because, increasing the Spell Vamp effect of skill 2 will greatly affect the ability to survive the Cyclops.

Just info, Cyclops had become a meta before the Spell Vamp nerf he received almost a year ago. Therefore, do not be surprised if this buff will return it to the ranks of the Mage meta.


Moonton seems to want to be fair to all the Heroes, can be seen for example in the buff given to Gord and other Mages. For Gord, Moonton gives the enemy additional slow effects after being stunned from 50% to 60% .

Not only that, Gord also gained increased Mana efficiency. In this patch update, the skill 2 Gord is reduced by Mana consumption by 30 for all levels.

Although both get buffs in this update, Gord’s influence on meta is not expected to be as big as Cyclops. Because, the buff received by the Arcane magic master was insignificant.


The highlight in the 1.4.14 update was addressed to Valir who got the revamp. However, that does not mean Moonton forgets his rival, Vale. Because, the hero controlling this wind magic also gets a buff.

Skill 2 Vale gets a buff in Basic Damage from 360 at the initial level to 410. However, just like the buffs on Cyclops and Helcurt, the damage at the final level remains the same, 610.

The fate of Vale can be predicted not to be much different from before. It’s hard for a slow Mage like Vale to compete in meta now if he doesn’t get a revamp like Valir. The increase in damage is not significant enough to make it popular.


Hero Fighter who has long been present at the Land of Dawn also gets a buff in the latest patch. The buff is applied to damage modifier on skill 1.

In this update, the damage modifier provided by Beta ( Alpha drone ) rose to 90% Extra Physical ATK from before which was only 40% Extra Physical ATK.

Moonton seems to want to try to slowly increase Alpha’s popularity. The buff given to him did not look very significant. However, keep in mind beforehand Alpha gets a buff on the previous update in the form of efficient use of Mana.

Indeed, for now, it must be admitted that Alpha is still unable to compete with the currently popular Hero fighter like X.Borg and Terizla. Need buff on other aspects that can make it really stronger.

7. Lancelot

Not only Helcurt as Hero Assassin who got the buff in this update. Lancelot also gets buffs even though the effect is not much.

In this latest patch, Lancelot gets a buff on its basic attribute, HealthPoint Growth. Improved HealthPoint Lancelot increased from 133 to 147 .

This buff can be like a consolation prize for Lancelot. Because, HealthPoint Growth is not an important attribute for Assassin heroes who need big damage. As long as the damage to his skills isn’t increased, Lancelot will still sink into meta right now.

Hero Nerf Patch 1.4.14 Mobile Legends


Again Harith got nerf. Since its release, the hero of the cat-human form has indeed been reduced several times by Moonton’s strength.

This update also does nerf to the Hero Mage. Harith’s 2nd skill, Chrono Dash, reduced damage by 50 points per level from 250-400 to only 200-350.

Every nerf, Mobile Legends fans predict that Harith will be evicted from meta. However, this prediction has always been proven wrong because until now this Hero remained as a top pick or top banned in Rank mode or torunament.

After nerf, Harith was still scary. However, his luck after this update is predicted to continue to decrease. Because, more and more other heroes are still strong, such as Esmeralda who just got a buff, or new heroes like Masha and Valir revamp.

Harith will indeed decrease in popularity. However, he will still remain reliable as a top pick.

2. Bruno

The hero who got revamped before Valir fared no good in the latest Mobile Legends patch. Some attributes of Bruno have decreased, such as ATK Growth at each level, this time only 14.5 from the previous 16.5.

Not only that, the Ultimate skill, Wave of the World, was also hit by nerf. The damage bonus gained from the first phase of attacks is reduced to 83% from 95% previously. ATK bonus for subsequent attacks is also reduced from 60% to 50%.

After getting revamped in the previous update, Bruno’s popularity rose. Bruno also entered as an alternative Marksman pick besides Kimmy and Granger. In fact, at this time he spelled out Claude as Marksman’s top pick.

The increasing popularity of Bruno is not surprising. Because, revamp on skill 1 makes Bruno very easy to launch critical attacks.

For this reason, it is natural that he will get nerf in this update. The Nerf he received could be said to be nothing. However, this is enough to make the game more balanced and interesting.


Gusion also gets nerf on the latest Mobile Legends patch. The aspect that was reduced in strength was the Ultimate skill, Incandescence.

As you know, this skill has two phases of blink. Yep, the nerf that Gusion receives from this skill is the second phase blink. Movement Speed in this phase is reduced by 15% .

Good news for loyal users of Gusion, only that aspect experiences nerf. There is no change in damage skills 1 and 2.

After being unpopular, Gusion got up and crawled up to the meta now. Extraordinary damage is a major factor why he is still the top pick even though the meta Assassin is considered not good.

Nerf received on this update is predicted not to have a big effect. Because, as long as the damage does not decrease, loyal users of Gusion will still play fiercely.

However, Gusion users must also be vigilant. Because, reducing Movement Speed ​​in the second phase Ultimate makes it slower. User Gusion also must be more calculated when wanting to launch a combo to the enemy so it does not die.


That’s the hero who gets nerf and buff on the mobile legends patch 1.4.14, don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.com so that you don’t miss the updated game information!.

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