Here are 2 Hero Counter Skill Ultimate Yve Mobile Legends

Yve is the newest hero in the current MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Yve is a mage hero who has a very wide range of ultimate skills. Then is there a hero counter for Yve Mobile Legends?

When activating Ultimate skill, Yve cannot be canceled with any Crowd Control except Suppress. Suppress is the most useful Crowd Control effect in Mobile Legends. Because if affected by this effect the hero cannot do anything, except when this effect is finished.

Even the Purify spell cannot free the hero from the Suppress effect. Because of that Yve’s ultimate skill can only be countered with the suppress effect, so hero counter Yve has 2 heroes, namely Franco and Kaja, because only these two heroes have a suppressing effect on the skill set in Mobile Legends. Hero counter Yve mobile legends Kaja franco


Franco has a Suppress effect on Ultimate skills, so when Yve is activating his ultimate skills, Franco has to attack Yve with his main skill. And Yve’s ultimate skill will be canceled.


Kaja also only has a Suppress effect on Ultimate skills. When pulled by Kaja’s ultimate skill, Ultimate Yve’s skill will be canceled.


Yep, those are two hero counters that are useful for tackling Yve’s ultimate skill. But that doesn’t mean only these two heroes are very effective against Yve.


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