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Hero Along With His Skills That Can Counter Khufra!

For those of you who are playing Mobile Legends, and you maybe sometimes have problems dealing with skill 2 belonging to Khufra .

On his skill 2, Khufra will change its shape into a ball and bounce towards target hero, then provide physical and magical damage.

Not only that, even if you want to run away using Blink, then Khufra will make you knock-up.

And this skill will also reduce movement speed in the surrounding area.

Until now, not many know how to counter Khufra’s skill 2.

Therefore, the following is a list of heroes and skills that can counter skill 2 Khufra:

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Nana: Skill 2

Nana has one skill that is just as annoying as Khufra’s second skill.

As is well known, Nana’s skill 2 will make the enemy upset, because it can turn the affected hero into an animal.

This skill also functions to counter skill 2 Khufra.

When Khufra turns into a ball, skill 2 Nana will change and cancel skill 2 Khufra.

Minotaur: Ultimate Skill

Minotaur‘s Skill 3 can counter skill 2 Khufra.

This is because when in rage mode, Minotaur will issue a knock-out effect on several nearby enemies.

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At this time, Khufra could not move and was subjected to attack.

Franco: Ultimate Skill

You can also counter Khufra with Franco‘s skill 3.

With this skill, Franco will attack for 6 times while making the enemy unable to move.

Certainly, this 3 Franco skill is perfect for use when Khufra uses skill 2.

Aurora: Passive Skill

Unlike the previous hero, Aurora only needed his Passive skill to stop the 2 Khufra skills.

The attack can make all heroes freeze and unable to move. This effect also affects Khufra in its skill 2 mode.

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Martis: Skill 2

The last hero who can counter Khufra is Martis, you can use Martis to counter skill 2 Khufra.

You do this by using skill 2 of Martis to face Khufra in the form of a ball (skill 2).

Because, this skill will make Martis Immune against CrowdControl and can beat up Khufra into the air.


Yep, from the list of heroes who can counter Khufra’s second skill above, which is your favorite hero?

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