3 Heroes Buff On Patch 1.3.94 Mobile Legends

3 Heroes Buff On Patch 1.3.94 Mobile Legends

patch 1.3.94 mobile legends

Every time the Update Patch in Mobile Legends is present, there must be a hero who gets Nerf , Buff and Revamp.

This time the hero buff happened to the latest Mobile Legends patch version 1.3.94.

In this patch, there are 3 heroes who get the most effective buff.

These 3 heroes are Badang , Hilda and Sun. The following is an explanation of each hero who gets a buff.


Badang mobile legends

The first hero who gets the buff is Badang, Buff on skill occurs for this hero with a Fighter role.

Now, one of the Badang skills, Chivalry Fist, will still have a passive effect on the enemy, even if it is only hit by a wind fist or a wind effect from the skill.


Hilda mobile legends

One of the old school heroes in Mobile Legends, Hilda also received buffs, the effect of Blessing Of Wilderness that gave HealthPoint Regeneration, increased from 1% to 1.5%.

Besides that, there was fixing for Hilda’s Combat Ritual skill.


Sun mobile legends

For the last hero, Moonton also buffs one of the other fighter heroes, Sun.

Now the duration of Sun’s skill countdown clone will be longer!

Well, that’s the 3 heroes who got buffs on this patch note 1.3.94 Mobile Legends, are your favorite heroes included?

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