This is the price of diamonds and how to get Transformer x Mobile Legends skins

The release of the latest patch update on August 24, 2021, the skin from the Transformer x Mobile Legends collaboration has now been released at the Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) x Transformer event . At this latest collaboration event, Moonton presents 3 skins that are quite expensive and luxurious, including the Johnsons skin as Optimus Prime, the Xborg skin as Bumblebee, and the Granger skin as Megatron. Yep, for players who want to know the price of the 3 collaboration skins, it will be explained in the article below!

This skin, which is the result of the MOBA Mobile Legends (ML) x Transformer collaboration, players can get by completing 3 parts on each skin that the player wants. Each skin requires 6 parts, and to complete all skin parts, a total player must collect 18 different parts.

For 11 draws, players will spend 1125 diamonds, and this is a discounted price that players can get once a day for a total of 2250 diamonds per 11 draws. At 11x draw, players will get guaranteed epic skins, and several other skins such as special, elite and normal skins, with 1 or 2 different parts.

skin transformer x mobile legends diamond cost

If the player is lucky, it is possible that the player can get this skin from the Transformer x Mobile Legends (ML) collaboration only by spending 1125×6 = 6750. But it must be remembered that Mobile Legends (ML) with Moonton is not that good when it comes to providing skins for players. In fact, there are Mobile legends players who spend around 20,000 more diamonds just to get 2 transformer skins, which means 10,000 diamonds are needed to get 1 skin transformer.

Yep, what do you think about this transformer skin? Are you able and willing to spend 10,000 more diamonds to get 1 Transformer x Mobile Legends (ML) collaboration skin?

Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


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  1. Hello the 50% 11x draw only happens on 4 occassuon sadly. This week only once. After that is at each stage.

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