Installment Plan Mobile Legends, Can Installment Purchase Skin

You definitely like skin features that every Mobile Legends hero has. If you buy a skin, you will get a variety of gameplay skin effects, skin animations, as well as a better skin design compared to the default skin provided by Moonton.

However, the price of these skins is not cheap, those of you who want to get the skin must spend some money that can be purchased in Diamond in Mobile Legends game.

And finally, in the next big update, Mobile Legends will present a feature "Installment plan", which is a system of purchasing installments that can be used to buy skin permanently.

Mobile legends skin installment plan

Look at the picture above, you can get the skin of Claude "Golden Bullet" which has a normal price of 299 Diamond, but with the Installment Plan the price of the skin becomes 55 diamonds.

After paying 55 diamonds, you will be given a skin trial for 1 week to be able to use the skin. However, the following week you have to pay 65 Diamond, to extend the period of the skin trial.

And in the last installment you will get the skin permanently .

Installment plan for mobile legends

Of course this is happy news for those of you who want to play this game using skin.

However, purchasing skin is certainly not mandatory. The player skill to play does not depend on the skin they have.

You must have seen a saber player using the "Codename Storm" skin legend and get a medal Bronze at the end of the match.

Winning matches depends on the players and teamwork, and you only need to practice, rather than showing off the skins that you have in Mobile Legends.

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