Irithel And Hanabi Will Get A Significant New Buff Mov Speed & Shield

To improve the player’s playing experience, Mobile Legends often balances each hero, so that each hero feels fairer and less overpowered. Yep, before releasing the balancing hero, Mobile Legends Bang Bang usually does a test on the Advance server, and this time, the ones who get the balancing hero are Hanabi and Irithel, two marksman who will get a buff.

Irithel and Hanabi will get a new buff which is quite significant. In this update, Irithel will get additional movement speed so that Irithel will easily catch up with his enemies. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Hanabi is buffed in terms of resilience, now Hanabi will be more difficult to kill, because the effect of the hero’s shield will increase from 20% max Healthpoint to 30% max Healthpoint at all levels. hanabi irithel buff

However, it is unfortunate that this update also reduces the damage from the two heroes starting from Hanabi, who will get a reduction from 50% to 45% at each level, and for Irithel, you will get a bonus reduction in Physical attack from 42% to 40% when using the ultimate skill.

Even so, this update is an additional buff which is quite liked by the marksman players. Especially for Irithel who will more easily destroy his enemies, especially when he enters lategame. Because this skill can also be used to escape from enemy chases, with the additional movement speed.

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