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Karina Mobile Legends Will Get Revamp! Here’s the Model

Some time ago, Mobile Legends Bang Bang held a voting event, the MOBA mobile game players can vote for heroes who want to re-develop or revamp. One of the heroes who gets the most revamp votes is Karina, who is an Assassin hero who at the moment is not very popular in Mobile Legends, and it looks like Moonton knows about this because rumors have circulated about the revamp hero leak model.This revamp vote proves that the Mobile Legends game will really give the assassin hero a revamp. However, it is not yet known whether Moonton will give a revamp for the design alone or also change the overall skills of the hero.
fajaryusuf.com karina mobile legens revamp
Karina is one of the assassin heroes in Mobile Legends who has high burst damage. Not only that, skills that have an immune basic damage effect also make Karina the best anti marksman in the game. But unfortunately, Karina is not very popular compared to other mobile legends assassin heroes who have better overall skill sets.Yep, what do you think about this karina revamp? Are you a Karina user or are you just happy with the rumors?Source: Dafrixkun===

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