Lapu-Lapu Get Revamp At Project NEXT Mobile Legends

At Project NEXT, Moonton will revamp the Mobile legends heroes. These changes start from appearance to skills possessed by the hero who are not very popular in Mobile Legends. Heroes who get the revamp include Eudora, Miya, Layla, Zilong, Alucard and many more. One of the other heroes that will be revamped by Mobile legends is Lapu-lapu, this revamp changes some of his skills.

The Lapu-lapu revamp given by Moonton will change the ultimate skill possessed by the Fighter hero, and increase the overall damage.

Lapu-lapu’s Ultimate Skill, will no longer have a delay when the skill is active to change Lapu-Lapu’s ultimate form mode. Not only that, Moonton changes the ultimate skill animation, Lapu-lapu will jump and give additional damage to enemies within the range of the skill area. lapu-lapu revamp a

When the ulimate skill mode is active, Lapu-Lapu will change its form to carry a large sword to inflict greater damage on the enemy. The ultimate skill from changing the form of the great sword has also changed, it no longer does large damage around it, but slashes the enemy 3 times, this skill is very similar to Martis’s skill, but it seems that Lapu-Lapu’s skill does not have anti-CC when it releases the skill. Skill 2 will change animation, become the previous ultimate skill when using a big sword, and skill 1 changes to the ultimate lapu-lapu skill in the previous form

Revamping the Lapu-lapu skill will certainly increase the damage given. Yep, this lapu-lapu revamp provides a little description regarding the existence of the meta hero that will be revamped in the next update.

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