Layla And Zilong Revamp Will Be Coming In Project Next #4

Not long ago Moonton has revamped several old heroes, it aims to be able to match the old heroes with the current meta and can be used again to compete with new heroes. Yep, this Mobile Legends project is entitled Project Next. Are Layla and Zilong Revamp included?

Now Project Next has entered #4, and senior players must be very happy because Moonton has heard criticism and suggestions from senior players, in the near future there will be a revamp for Layla and Zilong. revamp layla zilong mobile legends project next 4 a

The changes in Zilong’s appearance are not too significant but the color changes made to Zilong are more pleasant and comfortable to look at. Changes in the effect of Zilong’s skills can be said to be very significant. Skill 2 Zilong (Spear Strike) will reset after killing the enemy. And there is a very good animation change to the ultimate skill (Supreme Warrior). revamp layla zilong mobile legends project next 4 b

And for Layla, for Layla’s appearance is almost the same as before. The difference is Layla’s hair which looks longer. Skill 1 Layla (Malefic Energy Bomb) will provide a wider range to heroes who are further affected by Skill 1. Skill 2 Layla (Void Projectile) will get additional damage, and the ultimate skill (Destruction Rush) will give the effect of increasing the basic attack range.

It is planned that the Layla & Zilong Mobile Legends revamp will be carried out in September. so, let’s just wait!

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends

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