Moonton Releases Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone Animated Teaser Video

A few days ago, which was August 14, Moonton released the Official Teaser video for the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang animated game series, titled Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone.

This teaser video is 30 seconds long and features many important heroes who will be cast in the animation. Players can see the quality of the graphics that will be presented by Moonton in this animated series Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone.

Although the style-art is not like the Japanese anime that many players expect, the animation that will be presented is very pleasing to the eye, with style-art like Disney movie animation.

The animated series Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone is highly anticipated by players and is planned to be aired at the end of 2021. There are so many positive responses from players who support Moonton to always present exciting and fresh content based on the adaptation of the Mobile Legends game.

Hero who played in the animated series Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone


If players have seen the Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone Official Teaser video, there are several important heroes who come with very cute appearances. Yep, one of the heroes in the Mobile Legends animation is Claude and Dexter, they will become thieves in a kingdom. There are also Tigreal, Fanny and Clint who seem to be in charge of maintaining peace in the Land of Dawn kingdom who are trying to stop Claude and Dexter from stealing.

Not only them, there is also Harith who is still not sure what role he will play. In the teaser video, Harith is like destroying a wooden wall by crashing himself. Because of the cutscene, players are still figuring out what role Harith will play.

Not to forget, there is also a very popular hero among players, yep Alucard, in the cutscene Alucard jumps from one house to another. But just like Harith, there is still no certainty for this Hero’s role in the Mobile Legends animated series. If we remember squad lightborn in the game, it looks like they will be present in this animation, because all squad lightborn heroes except Granger appear in the teaser video.

Yep, let’s just look forward to the excitement that will be present in the animated series Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone at the end of 2021.

Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone | Official Teaser


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