new hero mobile legends ling qing que

Ling: Qing Que New Hero ML/Mobile Legends To Be Released!

There is good news for you Mobile Legends players, reportedly Moonton will release this new hero after Marsha is released on the original server later, yep this hero is named Ling: Qing Que.

new hero ml ling qing que
Ling Qing que skill

When viewed from status attribute that Ling has, he is an agile Assassin and specializes burst & reap, certainly with this burst damage this hero can kill enemies with instanly, and also reap which means this hero can run away with agility.

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For you Assassin users must be impatient waiting for the release of this hero, let’s wait for the next update regarding the release date of this hero.

The gameplay skill from Ling above shows the first hero in the Mobile Legends game that can walk on walls, and by using energy like Fanny he can quickly move from top line to bottom line. Wow!

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