This is the Leak List of Mobile Legends Skins Released in August 2021

This is the leak list of Skins Mobile Legends that will be released in August
2021! Yep, new skins in the MOBA Mobile Legends game are always awaited
by players. Because skins can change the appearance
of their favorite Mobile Legends heroes to be different from others.

Although until now there have been many skins released, the presence of
new skins is always awaited by players, especially if the new skins
are the skins of their favorite heroes. And in August
2021 there are various new skins that will be released, here’s the leak list of the
Mobile Legends skins that will be released in August 2021:

  • Luo Yi: (Starlight): August 1
  • Lancelot: BREN Esports (Epic): August 5
  • Balmond: God of Mountain (Collector): August 7
  • Bruno: Firebolt (HERO) Encore: August 9
  • Wanwan: E-Girl (Exclusive MPL): August 13
  • Tigreal: Gold Baron (Special): August 17
  • Odette: Virgo (Zodiac): August 23
  • Moskov: Twilight Dragon (Epic Revamp): August 24
  • X Borg: Bumblebee (Transformers): August 24
  • Granger: Megatron (Transformers): August 24
  • Johnson: Optimus Prime (Transformers): August 24
  • Aulus: Hero and Skin: August 31
Mobile legends skin released august august 2021

Above is a list of skins that are likely to be released in August
2021, and some have already been released such as Luo Yi’s starlight skin .
Some of the skins that have been released such as Bruno, Odette, and
 will be here again to get, for players who don’t
have it, this is the time.

So, of the many cool skins above that will be released in August
2021, which one is your favourite?

Source: Instagram


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