Manny Pacquiao Becomes Name New Skin for Paquito Mobile Legends

It has been revealed that the new skin for Paquito Mobile Legends has just been announced by the leakers, this skin is very similar to Manny Pacquiao. Yep recently there has been a new leak for Paquito’s new skin. This new skin is rumored to be released in April 2021 in the MOBA game.

This is the first time Paquito gets a new skin after the normal skin that came along with the release of the hero Paquito. It turns out that Paquito’s new skin does not only look like Manny Pacquiao at a glance, but it is indeed the world-class boxer who is an example of inspiration for this new skin.

Even the name of Paquito’s new skin is the same as the name of the world-class boxer, Manny Pacquiao skin. And also as we know, this skin is also most likely the result of the Mobile Legends collaboration with Manny Pacquiao, which officially took place some time ago. skin Manny Pacquiao Paquito mobile legends

Not only is Paquito hero inspired by Manny Pacquiao, but his new skin that will be released is also inspired by this great boxer.

The timing of the release of Paquito’s new skin is still unknown, but based on trusted leakers, this skin will be released in April 2021 around the 13th.

So, players still have a long way to go if they want to save diamonds and buy Paquito’s newest skin.

Source: Leakers Instagram


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