Masha Mobile Legends: Fighter OP Owns 3 Bar HealthPoint!

Each month there must be one hero Mobile Legends released in Advance server or Original server . Of course a lot of expectation and excitement of its own on a new hero each month, but not so with the hero OverPower just issued, namely Masha who is a hero with role fighter too overpower so many players confused to think how to counter this hero.

At first look, Masha is a hero fighter like in general. If at first look, Masha seemed to have a relationship with one hero fighter tank that have been released, is Hilda .

mobile masha legends look

But the problem, This hero have three skill active and two passive skills that can be used to dominate the game. For an explanation of the skills possessed description masha can be seen below:

  • Skill 1 (Howl Shock): Masha came forward and provide energy shock in the indicated direction, provide Physical damage , and provide slow to the enemy hit. If the hit was an enemy hero, the enemy will be stolen weapon and can not attack for a few moments, players can pick up weapons that fall in order to strike back.
  • Skill 2 (Wild Power): Masha pull out strength, and improve movement speed , and physical damage in accordance with the maximal HealthPoint enemy. But Masha will lose HealthPoint when wild power is turned on (Toggle on/of, can be switched on and off like a skill 2 Hylos )
  • Ultimate Skill (Thunder Clap): Masha strike direction is determined, and reduce the number of HealthPoint has, after approaching enemy target, masha will issue attack and provide slow and physical damage to a predetermined area.
  • Passive 1 (Ancient Strength): Masha took the ancient power of the king of the bears, and has a 3 hp bar. Wherein each time a new HP masha reduced he will get extra passive, ranging from Physical Life Steal the current HP bar First , Resilience and Physical Extra Life Steal. New HP shortages second time .
  • Passive 2 (Life recovery) : Masha use energy, and restore hers HealthPoint.

If seen from the skill description, you can see that it would be a hero masha overpower. Even when you make a build Durability to Masha, you can provide a significant damage due to the strength of hers skill 2, which will give damage by Max HealthPoint enemy, and the ultimate skill that is in accordance with the health bar owned Masha.

If you look at the number of hero overpower owned games Mobile Legends now, of course Masha would be a terrible addition, especially seeing as well as build skills that can be given to her. Masha is not only strong, but also very hard. You can play it will be very terrible, and Masha might often banned, depending on the hero who will nerf and buff on the update next month.

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