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After Benedetta, Matilda Will Be Given Free By Mobile Legends

Benedetta is one of the new heroes that can be obtained free of charge in the MOBA Mobile Mobile Legends game. But it turns out that not only Benedetta is the hero who will be free from the MOBA mobile game developed by Moonton , because recently it was reported that they will also give a new hero named Matilda who is the new Mobile Legends support hero.

Matilda is a support / assassins hero who has the skills to kill enemies while providing support to teammates. Matilda also has the skill to add one more skill to her teammates, namely the free flicker skill that can be used to increase the mobility ability of teammates.

In addition, this new hero also has a damage burst skill that can be used to inflict more damage on enemies. It can be said that Matilda is a new, overpowered hero. However, you don’t need to use BP to buy this new hero, because it is rumored that Matilda will be a free hero given by Moonton to Mobile Legends players.

fajaryusuf.com matilda mobile legends free free

This news was first given by Mobile Legends leakers who explained about the events that will be presented in Mobile legends on the original server later in the next update. One of them is a free event that will be given by Moonton for players, as can be seen in the picture above.

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