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Matilda New Hero Assassin / Support in Mobile Legends Bang-Bang

After making a Major Update on Project Next, it turned out that many players were disappointed with this. Moonton as a mobile MOBA game developer for Mobile legends Bang Bang, recently released a new hero named Matilda, this new hero has a support role that can now be played on the Advance Server Mobile Legends.

Matilda is a hero who has two roles, Assassins and support. The uniqueness of Matilda is not in the skills that can provide debuff or crowd control to enemies, but in skill 2 which can be used to give new skills to players, namely skills that are similar to flickers called Wind Force.

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When Matilda uses skill 2, a teammate near her will be given a new skill, and when pressed, the teammate will immediately move like a teleport to where Matilda is.

The effect of this skill will certainly change the gank tactics that exist on each team, with less risk of losing the war team if used properly and correctly. Teams can easily gang up in matches. However, this skill still has many weaknesses, for example, when a hero uses this skill, other heroes cannot use it, and the maximum range is close enough. Even though Matilda Mobile Legends is an overpowered hero, this hero needs a pretty good strategy and a good teamwork.

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