Mobile Legends Will Adding Auto Emote Feature Next Update

In enhancing an existing feature that is available in-game, Mobile Legends always provides the best updates to improve the player’s playing experience. The cool thing is, this popular mobile MOBA game, in the next update Moonton reports that through user leakers it will provide a new feature that is quite annoying which is used to mock enemies or other players, yep Mobile Legends Auto Emote.

In the leaked update, as can be seen in the video leakers below the article, players will get the Auto Emote feature. Where players can set auto emote, and will immediately use emote directly when killing enemy heroes during the match. This will certainly make enemy players more stressful after being killed by those of you who use emotes. mobile legends auto emote a

Not only that, Mobile Legends players will also get various kinds of new emotes that will be presented in the next update. Starting from the emote September starlight, until new emotes for the e-sports tournament in the future.

Are you very interested in using the Mobile Legends auto emote feature? Mobile Legends is available on Android and iOS and is a popular mobile MOBA game!

Source: devclovedmlbb


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