Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.04 Revamp Lancelot & Kagura

Today, a new update has been officially released on Advanced Server Mobile
Legends patch 1.6.04
! The latest update to the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Advanced Server Patch 1.6.04 has finally been released with
some adjustments and changes for revamped heroes, namely
Kagura and Lancelot.

This Patch 1.6.04 update focuses on changing the balance for
various heroes such as Odette, Kimmy, and the new hero Aamon which
has also been officially released. The update is currently only available on
the Mobile Legends advanced server and it is currently not confirmed whether it will be
released on the original server or not.

Yep, here are the patch notes for the Advanced Server Mobile
Legends Patch 1.6.04 update:

Revamp Hero: Lancelot and Kagura

After revamping, Kagura and Lancelot are playable but cannot be
equipped with skins for additional attributes at this time.

Mobile legends patch 1.6.04 revamp kagura lancelot odette

Hero Adjustment


Basic Attack: Reduces bonus physical attack and magic power by

Skill 1: Reduces physical attack and magic power by 2% on
all levels


Skill 2: Extra Magic Energy Balls: 5 → 4, Increases the distance of magic
energy balls by 30%

Ultimate Skill: Ultimate Skill no longer deals Damage Reduction,
but will provide 1,000-1,600 (+150% Magic Power) shield.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error/bug, Lesley is shown when she uses
  • Camouflage.
  • Fixed an error/bug, targeting Rafaela after being killed on
  • some cases.
  • Fixed an error/bug, Granger’s Ultimate Skill cooldown was not
  • returned based on the remaining Super Bullets when killed when
  • perform Ultimate Skills.
  • Added text damage for Miya and Moonlight Shadow.

Source: mobilelegends


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