This is the Mobile Legends Events That Will Be Present During June 2021

The MOBA Mobile Legends game made by Moonton, has now entered its 20th Season. Various events with attractive prizes were also given to players this season. Of course the event during June will also be exciting in the Mobile Legends game.

Yep, this time, will provide information about events that will be present in Mobile Legends during June 2021. Here are the Mobile Legends Events During June 2021:

mobile legends event june 2021

June 7 – June 13: Kannagi’s Call

The event will be held on 7 June and will be available to players until Sunday 13 June, the same day as the 2021 MSC Grand Final. Based on known information, this event will offer a draw or gacha with the main prize being the Vale Kannagi’s Call skin.

7 June – 13 June: MSC 2021

The MSC 2021 competition event is currently underway. At this event, players will be presented with an interesting feature to predict the winner for the 2021 MSC competition. Various prizes will also be given by exchanging them for coins obtained from the daily missions of the MSC 2021 event and predicting winners.

June 9 – June 14: Mega Diamonds Event

From June 9 to 14, the Mega Diamonds event will be present in Mobile Legends. Reportedly, players are required to use 10 Diamonds to be able to participate in this event.

June 11 – June 13: Weekend Revelry Event

This event will start on June 11 to June 13 next. The Weekend Revelry event will allow players to get Rare Skin Fragments for free.

June 11 – June 14: New Emote Event

The latest New Emote event will be present from June 11 to June 14. At this event, Mobile Legends will bring the latest Battle Emote into the game. To get this new Emote feature, players must complete missions or tasks.

June 12 – June 14: Discount Skin

The event which lasts for 3 days, we will present a special discount of 30% for Basic Skin Hero Mobile Legends.

June 12 – June 14: KOF Recharge Gifts

The KOF Recharge Gifts event will take place from June 12 to June 14. This event will give players the opportunity to get the ‘Leona’ skin in the 10th draw before the event ends on June 20. If players already have Leona’s skin, the skin will be automatically changed to another Epic skin.


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