Mobile Legends Heroes Are Overpower And Often Banned Today

Usually at the time of the hero pick session, getting banned is done for heroes who are considered to have overpower abilities or who in the current patch are meta and have gameplay mechanics that make it difficult for enemies, these are things that MOBA Mobile Legends players often do.Yep, in the Mobile Legends game, banned heroes will be carried out 6 times, which means there are 6 heroes that cannot be used in one match.The reason for getting banned can be various reasons and considerations and tactics, whether the hero has a very overpower damage-output, or a skill set that threatens the heroes in the team.And in this new meta patch, recommends 5 overpower Mobile Legends heroes that are often banned by players at epic and higher tiers.If this hero is not banned, you should be able to use 5 heroes who are very likely to be able to boost this team’s victory!
hero heroes overpower banned mobile legends

Popol & Kupa

Popol & Kupa are very useful characters in the current meta. Popol will guard Kupa during the match and when Kupa doesn’t take damage for 5 seconds, Kupa will recover 10% of Max HealthPoint every second.

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