Mobile Legends Heroes Are Overpower And Often Banned Today

Usually at the time of the hero pick session, getting banned is done for heroes who are considered to have overpower abilities or who in the current patch are meta and have gameplay mechanics that make it difficult for enemies, these are things that MOBA Mobile Legends players often do.

Yep, in the Mobile Legends game, banned heroes will be carried out 6 times, which means there are 6 heroes that cannot be used in one match.

The reason for getting banned can be various reasons and considerations and tactics, whether the hero has a very overpower damage-output, or a skill set that threatens the heroes in the team.

And in this new meta patch, recommends 5 overpower Mobile Legends heroes that are often banned by players at epic and higher tiers.

If this hero is not banned, you should be able to use 5 heroes who are very likely to be able to boost this team’s victory!

hero heroes overpower banned mobile legends

Popol & Kupa

Popol & Kupa are very useful characters in the current meta. Popol will guard Kupa during the match and when Kupa doesn’t take damage for 5 seconds, Kupa will recover 10% of Max HealthPoint every second.

Skill 1, Bite ’em, Kupa! can make Popol throw his spear at the target and order Kupa to bite the enemy. This skill can also apply a stun effect to the enemy for 1 second with 3 bites quickly.

Ultimate Skill, We Are Angry! Will put Popol and Kupa into fury mode for 12 seconds. In this mode, Popol and Kupa will get 30% bonus attack-speed and 15% movement speed.


This Assassin Hero is often banned because of his very troublesome abilities. Karina’s passive called Shadow Combo can deal additional damage to enemies equal to 13% of their HealthPoint.

Karina’s Ultimate Skill called Shadow Assault is able to provide enormous output-damage to the enemy and leave a Shadowform effect. When reused, Karina will quickly go to the Shadowform mark location and deal damage back to the enemy.


Paquito is one of the heroes who has a basic Fighter role. The hero has a very large output-damage and also a skill-set that can interfere with enemy movements.

Paquito’s passive, Champ Stance, can apply stacks and when this stack is full, Paquito will enter Champ Stance mode. When Paquito enters Champ Stance mode, the next skill will be strengthened or output-damage will be increased.

Ultimate Skill, Knockout Strike can also push the enemy as far as the specified distance. This Ultimate Skill can also apply Airborne effects to enemies for 0.5 seconds as well as slow effects.


Even though Estes is a Support Hero, her skill-set is very useful for the team! Because, the abilities possessed by this character are very complex.

Skill 1, Moonlight Immersion, is able to restore HealthPoint for the targeted hero instantly. When Estes connects himself to a teammate, the output-damage will also increase!

Ultimate skill, Blessing od Moon Goddess can also apply heal to all heroes in a nearby team.


Alice is one of the heroes that is currently very feared because Alice has a large output-damage but also has a good defense.

This Mage hero role has advantages in skill-sets! Alice’s ultimate skill, Blood Ode, is able to make Alice enter Blood-Draining mode. When in this mode, Alice is able to provide output-damage to enemies and can restore HealthPoint for herself.


Yep, those are 5 Mobile Legends heroes who are overpower in the current patch and meta that are often banned by players in the upper tier.


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