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Have Arrived! Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.4.86

Every month Moonton always updates consistently to the patch of their games. Yep, now Mobile Legends has updated the patch 1.4.86, which brings quite a lot of changes, especially adjustments to many old school heroes that have been waiting for the players.

Mobile Legends made many adjustments to Tank, such as Johnson, Gatotkaca, Balmond, Hilda, Grock and Baxia. Although not all adjustments increase all stats, overall Hero Tank gets Buff. On the other hand there is Nerf for some heroes like Kimmy and Granger.

fajaryusuf.com Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.4.86 a

Besides Buff and Nerf, there is also a Hero Revamp, yep Yi Sun Shin. Right now Yi Sun Shin (YSS) has one additional role, Assassin. Yi Sun Shin also gets skill adjustments for melee, and long range attack types that make him suitable as an Assassin / Marksman hero.

Also released on this patch is a new Hero, Yu Zhong the Black Dragon. This hero has been quite well-known on Advance Server and has also experienced significant changes several times since its release. Yu Zhong will certainly be released on the original server on June 19 tomorrow.

Developer: Moonton

Source: Official Facebook Mobile Legends ID

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