Latest Mobile Legends Redeem Codes March 2021, Claim it!

At the beginning of March 2021, 4 latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang redeem codes have been circulating that players can claim to get various kinds of prize items. The item prizes for each MLBB redeem code will be different, players can get a hero or skin fragment, free or trial skin, magic dust, double exp / gold and various other items.

For players who don’t want to spend money to buy diamonds in the MOBA Mobile Legends game, knowing the latest redeem code information is an alternative that players can do. Hero Fragments, Magic Dust, and Emblem Packs are common prizes that players can get. Mobile Legends Redeem Code March code new

But please note that the Mobile Legends redeem code is a limit. So this redeem code may no longer be used by players when the claim quota has reached the limit. But there are some redeem codes that are unlimited, so that players who are late for claims can still use the redeem code.

Here is the latest Mobile Legends redeem codes for March 2021:

  • iloveu (unlimited)
  • bewithu (unlimited)
  • B58T32QK97PF229ZY
  • ya8hrfkzmqz322a57

How to use the MLBB redeem code:

  • Open the Mobile Legends website:
  • Input ID
  • Check the number verification message in Mobile Legends in-game
  • Enter the verification number on the Verification Code tab
  • Enter the redeem code
  • Click Redeem


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Lloyd henley Ongcal
Lloyd henley Ongcal
9 months ago

daias plss help me free skin

4 months ago

Please give me a hero Roger and fusion

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