Mobile Legends Unity Version, Want to Try?, Let’s Download

8 Bit MOBA is a mockery that is still used by haters mobile legends for mobile legends games.

This happens because the appearance and performance of mobile legends itself is not too good, so that other mobile MOBA players often use the 8 Bit MOBA to Mobile Legends.

However, at the Epicon 2019 Moonton event in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago. Moonton as the developer and publisher of the mobile legends game announced that they will be doing a major update to the Mobile Legends game.

The update will changes the appearance of the UI (User Interface) and the performance that Mobile legends has as a whole.

Mobile legends unity download 2.0

But the most surprising thing about the update is that Moonton will use Unity Engine 2017 for its newest client engine.

The use of the Engine will beautify graphics, increase loading speed, and accelerate

the performance of the Mobile legends game as a whole reaching 60%.

Even though it was just announced, long before that, Mobile Legends has provided a little leaks on the Leak Mobile Legends Instagram account.

And the players can already feel the Unity Engine version of Mobile Legends with truly better performance.

In addition, there has been a comparison given by one of the Youtuber Mobile legends namely Elgin gaming , where it provides a comparison between the two engines, the old engine and the unity engine, starting with performance, exit, reloading screen time, and much more. You can watch the video below:

For those of you who want to feel the unity engine version of mobile legends. You can try it by downloading via the following link.

But remember, the Unity Engine version of Mobile Legends is still not perfect and is still a test version, so there are still lots of bugs.

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