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Mobile Legends Update Bonus Gold Easier for Epic Comeback

It has been reported that Mobile Legends Bang Bang will improve its various features and systems to produce fairer and more balanced gameplay for each match. Yep, in the new update patch released, Mobile Legends provides a bonus gold battlefield update that increases the likelihood of players making an epic comeback in a match.

As you can see in the patch note image, Mobile legends has increased the gold given to players who have successfully killed the enemy with the highest gold worth. Which means if you successfully kill enemy heroes who do farming such as Marksman, Assassin and Hyper Carry. You will get more gold than before.

fajaryusuf.com mobile legends update bonus gold epic comeback a

Surely this will change the relaxed gameplay system to be more aggressive to kill the hero with the most gold. In the late game, if your team loses, you can focus on killing enemy heroes who accidentally get separated from their teammates and increase the gold in the team so they don’t get far behind with the enemy team.

Yep, of course with this balance update, the MOBA mobile game developed by Moonton can be fairer for all players and heroes. What do you think about the Mobile Legends gold bonus battlefield update provided by Moonton?

Source: Mobile Legends Patch Update

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