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Mobile Legends Update Lane MAP and Tower Extra 50% Gold and Exp

Indeed, to produce something original is not as easy as turning your palm. At the beginning of its release, Mobile Legends was always considered a mobile game that plagiarized other games that might have tarnished the developer’s good name, so now Moonton as a Mobile legends game developer has tried to make something original by releasing a new system that is in the test phase at advance server. This system update will change the laning function of the lanes in MAP Mobile Legends, both those on Non-turtle lane and Turtle Lane, as well as slightly changing the tower function.

In the trial for this latest update, creeps that will be summoned in the first 7 waves will get an increase in EXP and Gold. This certainly changes the MAP laning system in the game along with META, heroes who rely on items can go to non-turtle lane to get + 50% Gold, and heroes who rely on level 4 to get the ultimate skills first like Lunox and Harith can go to the Turtle lane to get extra 50% EXP.

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Not only that, the Turret function in the first 3 minutes will no longer get a 50% reduction in damage, but will get a shield which when attacked, will give gold per 10 damage from the shield as a whole. When the player attacks the turret for 80 damage, the gold given is 8 damage. When calculated, the total gold that can be obtained at the start of the match can reach 400 gold within 3 minutes while the turret shield lasts, and what’s worse because Mobile Legends has 3 lanes, there are around 1200 Gold that can be obtained in the first 3 minutes.

Certainly the new Lane MAP original Mobile Legends update is one of the most original updates from Mobile Legends, but this will be considered confusing by some players, and requires new gameplay and META adjustments.

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