Mobile Legends Adds New Chat Feature On Next Update

To always improve the playing experience for players, Mobile Legends has provided new features in the next update. Yep, in the new update patch released on the advance server, Mobile Legends has provided a new chat feature that functions to find out whether the player we chat with has read the chat sent.

The new Mobile Legends chat feature is very similar to other features in the chat application, such as WhatsApp messages which will give a blue check when the person being chatted has read the message that has been sent. Mobile Legends updates new chat features

With this new feature, players will no longer be able to avoid messages sent by other players who want to invite to play parties, of course you will no longer be able to avoid invitations from friends who are noob who want to play with you.

This latest chat feature is an added feature that is very welcome so that players will no longer be able to be lied to by other players. Yep, maybe with this new feature, your friendship and your friends will be destroyed because you feel that the skills your friends have in a group are not what you expected.

Source: Instagram Devclovedmlbb


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