Mobile Legends Will Update the Rank Point System

There will be major changes made to the rank point system in the MOBA Mobile Legends game that players should know. The new point system in the Mobile Legends ranked game will make changes to the calculation of points if you win, win streak, lose, MVP, Protection and other achievements.

This change is very beneficial for players because the addition of points is very useful. If you are curious about how many points you will get in the upcoming Mobile Legends ranked game, listen carefully below.

Mobile Legends’ new rank point system is arguably very profitable for players who are carry for. Because the additional points you get if you win or lose are quite a lot, especially if the carry wins the match MVP.

Mobile legends rank ranked point system point system

In the upcoming new Mobile Legends update, the calculation of points in the ranked game will be:

Ranked Star Booster Points:

  • 7x Winstreaks: 100 → 200
  • MVP: 50 → 100
  • Triple Kill: 0 → 50
  • Maniacs: 20 → 100
  • Savage: 30 → 150
  • Legendary: 10 → 50

Ranked Protection Points for the Winning Team:

  • MVP: 50 → 0
  • Gold Medal: 30 → 0
  • Silver Medal: 20 → 0
  • Bronze Medal: 8 → 0

Ranked Protection Points for the Losing Team:

  • MVP: 155 → 155
  • Gold Medal: 30 → 45
  • Silver Medal: 20 → 30
  • Bronze Medal: 10 → 12
  • Triple Kill: 0 → 50
  • Maniacs: 20 → 100
  • Savage: 30 → 150
  • Legendary: 10 → 50

Moonton shared the reason why they use this point system to reward players who play seriously. The release date for this update is still unknown but will most likely be present at the same time as or before the Mobile Legends season reset which will be present in mid-June 2021.

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