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Mobile Legends Update Revamp Athena Shield, Goodbye Esmeralda

If you are a mobile MOBA game player Mobile Legends Bang Bang, surely you already know the Esmeralda mage/ tank hero who can absorb the opponent’s shield. The hero has a damage area, with a very thick health / shield that players can use to withstand damage from other players. What is very scary, until now there are still no items that can be used to counter the damage from the hero. And finally, Moonton gave an Athena Shield revamp item that could be used to counter Esmeralda.

On the revamp update, this item changes the passive effect on Athena Shield. Athena Shield, which previously had the effect of providing a shield every few seconds, in the future will provide a new effect that will reduce the magic damage received by 25 for 5 seconds the first time it is hit by magic damage. This effect has a cooldown of 10 seconds every time you leave the match so that players will no longer get more burst damage than before.

fajaryusuf.com Mobile Legends Update Revamp Athena Shield a

Athena Shield will definitely be the most popular item to count magic damage. Yep, with the Athena Shield revamp, you can be sure that this is a suitable item to counter Esmeralda and other mage heroes.

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