Mobile Legends Virtual Band Group Named S.T.U.N Coming Soon

As a mobile MOBA game with very tight market competition, Moonton for the Mobile Legends game must continue to provide something new for players so that the game still feels fun. Even though this new thing is not the result of an original idea, Mobile Legends will present a new band called S.T.U.N.The idea of ​​having a virtual band formed by MOBA game characters was initially carried out by Riot Games to League of Legends. Until now, LoL already has 3 virtual bands namely KDA, Pentakill and True Damage, Moonton and Mobile Legends also don’t want to lose, and that’s why they released S.T.U.N.S.T.U.N is an abbreviation of Strength, Tactic, Unity, Novelty. This band has 3 members, namely Chou, Selena and Brody. According to the leak account, currently only Chou and Brody’s skins have found the data and previews. As for Selena, it seems that Moonton is still working on it because only Selena hasn’t found the data file yet. mobile legends stun stun
If we look at the previews that already exist, we can see that Chou is here as a rapper. Then there is Brody who is a DJ and lastly Selene can be seen holding the mic in her splash art, which means that there is a high chance that Selena will be the main vocalist.

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