Mobile Legends Will Release a New Marksman / Mage Named Natan

Not long ago, Moonton has made a new update on the advance MOBA Mobile Legends game server by releasing two new heroes. One of the new Mobile Legends heroes is Natan, a hero who has the skills to control time and space, Natan is also a time traveler.

As a new hero who will be released after Phoveus, Moonton should explain how the skill-set of this hero is. If last week only the splash art of this new hero was informed, now we already know the skill-sets of this hero. Apparently, Natan is not a mage in the Mobile Legends game, but a marksman.

Even though Natan is included in the marksman category in Mobile Legends, the damage produced by this hero is of the type of magic damage like a mage, maybe similar to Kimmy. He also has a skill that has a crowd control effect and can deal massive damage if needed. The following is an explanation of each skill possessed by this new hero.

natan newt mobile legends

Passive Skill: Theory of Everything

Natan deals damage in the form of magic damage, every time Natan hits the enemy, Natan will get a stack entanglement. This stack is useful as an increase in attack speed, each stack will provide a bonus attack speed, and the limit is up to 6 stacks.

Skill 1: Superposition

Natan throws a time bomb that deals damage and explodes to enemies in the area of ​​the location, this skill 1 is of type AOE (area of ​​effect).

Skill 2: Interference

Nathan throws a gravity device to a predetermined location, knocking back the enemy in front of him and dealing damage. After that, a black hole will appear and attract nearby enemies, continuously dealing damage for 2.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Entropy

Nathan takes out a portal and releases a clone of himself that will do everything like the real Nathan did. Every time the damage or skill issued by the original Nathan will also be done by the clone. This clone will be on the battlefield until the ultimate skill duration is complete.

For now, we still can’t determine how to play this new hero. Natan is a marksman hero, but judging by the skill-sets that Natan has, these skills-sets are more suitable for hero mages and playing in the midlane position. If everything goes according to plan, this new hero will be released in the land of dawn at the end of June or early July.


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