Mobile Legends x Star Wars Collaboration Coming Next Month

If we remember in February, at that time Mobile Legends players were shocked by the news that this MOBA mobile game would collaborate with Star Wars. The news is still warm even today, especially since the latest rumors say that this collaboration will actually happen.

Evidence of the Mobile Legends x Star Wars collaboration is supported by the discovery of various new data materials which show that Mobile Legends will release two skins adapted based on Star Wars. According to the leakers, the two new skins from the collaboration will be given to Argus and Cyclops.

From the information that the leakers gave about the new skins that will be released throughout May 2021, the two Star Wars skins appeared. In total there are 11 new skins that have been confirmed to be released in May, but for the two Star Wars skins, they are still rumors and have not been confirmed by Moonton. mobile legends x star wars

Yep, this information is only a rumor and the presence of the characters Darth Vader and Yoda is still speculation. Judging from the release date, this collaboration should take place on May 22 next month, which means if these rumors are true then Moonton will announce it soon.

According to the information obtained, this collaboration will be regionally exclusive like yesterday’s Manny Pacquiao skin. This new collaboration will only be available for the regions of Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myamnar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Timor Leste and Japan. There is no explanation why Indonesia is not included, considering that the Indonesian region is the largest market and player for Mobile Legends.

Also in February, Moonton answered about this circulating rumor. According to them, all collaborations that occur for Mobile Legends will definitely be announced officially, so if it is true then we just have to wait for confirmation.

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