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Next Update, New Buff Effect Mobile Legends Becomes Blue & Red

Wan-wan has now been released on the Original server, and in the update Mobile Legends will also change the gameplay system it has in the future. Right now, the gameplay that is generally used is, a mix of carry, support, and tanker hero who becomes the core hero when the team fight. But henceforth, Mobile Legends will provide a new buff effect which means adding another new role to the mobile legends meta.

In the latest advance server update, Moonton will provide an additional 1 new buff, which later can be obtained from killing Core Guard (Monster Jungle buff bottom) or was often known as the Red Buff at the beginning of the release of Mobile Legends. Players who kill the jungle monster will get a new effect that is additional slow damage and extra true damage that can be used to kill enemies and ignore the defense they have.

the new mobile legends buff effect

As for the top buff (blue Buff) now adjusted only to reduce cooldown skills and save mana / energy usage. Means hero assassins like Fanny who use energy will scramble to find and use the blue buff. So, of course, the update will indirectly change the gameplay of Mobile Legends as a whole, players will have to work together to provide a pretty much jungle buff effect to just one person. So adding a new role in the game is a jungler or roamer whose job is to gank on enemies.

Not only that, the appearance of the buff will also change in the next update. So that players will more easily recognize the given buff. Yep, of course Mobile Legends will be more interesting to play right?

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