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New Build Items, Emblem, and Spell Recommendations for Miya 2020

Miya in the Mobile Legends game is a hero who has role marksman. This hero includes a hero who has a low level of difficulty which means that it is quite easy to use for novice players. Because many new marksman heroes are so overpowed that Miya is rarely picked on the Legends / Mythic tier. Because of that, fajaryusufdotcom in this article will provide the best build items, emblem, and battle spells for Miya so that she can compete in the new META 2020 which is dominated by META hyper carry.

Even though it’s rarely picked in Season 17, it turns out that this marksman hero can still be used as the team’s core hero, Miya’s damage and attack speed are still useful for defeating enemies in the Land of Dawn. Yep, in this article we will discuss a guide or build item for Miya hero so that the damage and attack speed can be maximized. Immediately, you read the Miya new build 2020 below.

Recommended Emblem

Fajaryusufdotcom recommends a Marksman Emblem that matches Miya’s stats attribute very well. Here fajaryusufdotcom recommends choosing Weakness Finder because it has a 20% chance to reduce enemy Movement Speed ​​by 90%.

Recommended Battle Spells

fajaryusuf.com Build Items, Embellishments, and Spell Recommendations for Miya's newest new b

For Battle Spells, fajaryusufdotcom recommends Inspire to increase Attack Speed, because Miya really needs Attack Speed ​​to beat enemies during war. In addition, Miya also has a blurry skill on her ultimate skill, so you don’t need to use Flicker, but with a note that it must be used at the right time.

Build Item Miya

fajaryusuf.com Build Items, Embellishments, and Spell Recommendations for Miya's newest new a

Demon Shoes Demon Shoes

Why not Swift Boots? Because which items regen in the early-game for Miya is important in order to spam skills. Not only at the beginning of the game, even in mid-game Demon Shoes will be very useful for Miya because you don’t have to worry about running out of mana during war and don’t need to rely on the blue buff.

Haass Claws

The second item that must be purchased is the lifesteal item, Haass Claws. This item is of course very useful in the early-game, because you don’t need to recall too often to replenish your HP and just hit creeps and minions. Of course, this will save time and the leveling process will be faster.

Raptor Machete

Even though Miya is not a Jungler hero, this item is useful for adding Physical Damage to Miya in the early-game. Don’t focus too much on jungle monsters, just play as usual, if there is a chance you can kill jungle monsters. Leave the jungle monsters for heroes who need more. If this item is deemed ineffective when entering the late game, you can replace it with Blade of Despair.

Berserker Fury

This item provides 65 Physical Attack and 25% Critical Chance which will make Miya’s damage even bigger in mid-game. This item also provides 40% Critical Damage and passive attributes which add 5% Physical Attack for 2 seconds after launching a Critical Hit. If possible, you must buy this item as soon as possible because the effect of this item is very effective.

Scarlet Phantom

Items that provide an additional 30 Physical Attack, 20% Attack Speed, and 25% Critical Chance, which will make Miya’s Attack Speed ​​faster and the resulting damage will be greater. This item’s passive gives 30% Attack Speed ​​and 5% Critical Chance after casting a Critical Hit.

Malefic Roar Malefic Roar

This item gives 60 Physical Attack and 40% Physical Attribute. This item also provides a passive which makes Basic Attack ignore 20% of Turret’s Defense. This means that with this item Miya will be easier to push the turret in late-game.

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