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New Combo Hero Mobile Legends Bang Bang 2020

In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it is not surprising that in every match the players always choose the right hero for the combo and combine skills with each other. The combination of the skills of the two Mobile Legends heroes who become a combo usually determines the victory.

Only a few heroes can do mobile legends hero combos. Apart from watching pro players playing with hero combos, it never hurts to find out the right combos with your gameplay version of FajarYusufDotCom.

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The following are recommended combo heroes that you can try:

Angela and Leomord

Ultimate skill Leomord (Phantom Steed) riding a horse, when combined with Angela’s Heartguard skill, can add movement speed. Leomord becomes very fast which makes it easy to target enemy core heroes that are usually in the back row.

Angela and Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong’s skill is complete efek, especially the ultimate skill (Black Dragon Form) which can be used for roaming, attacking, and escaping. The thickness of the Health Point is an additional advantage. Combo with Angela makes Yu Zhong more Overpowered, the Ultimate Skill (Heartguard) of Angela who can give Shield to Yu Zhong. Angela is also able to give slow effects to enemies using skills 1 and 2 (Love Waves and Puppet-on-a-String) .

Odette and Johnson

In the epic tier combo Johnson Odette is a combo that is very often encountered. Johnson’s Ultimate Skill (Rapid Touchdown) which can accommodate one friend, is very well combined with Odette. When Johnson crashes into an enemy, Odette then performs the ultimate skill (Swan Song).

Aurora and Atlas

Atlas is a hero tank that has a lot of crowd control skills, skill 2 (Perfect Match) and ultimate skill (Fatal Links), very suitable to be combined with Aurora. In fact, the enemy uses the Purify spell even though it won’t escape this combo because too much crowd control will be generated.

Diggie and Nana

This combo is indeed very risky to practice. But if the match goes according to plan and not until late game. Then this is a very good combo. These two role support heroes have great damage in the early game. The team that took part in the tournament as big as MPL had also used this combo.

Badang and Khufra

The wall created by Badang skill 2 (Fist Break), can be used by Khufra to direct the ultimate skill (Tyrant Rage). Besides being stunned many times from these two heroes. Of course the damage given to the enemy is very large because the enemy can not avoid.

Guinevere and Tigreal

Tigreal’s Ultimate Skill (Implosion) which gathered all nearby heroes certainly made it easier for Guinevere to jump towards the enemy. But this combo can be disastrous if not with good communication. Because it must be ensured Tigreal did not push skill 2 (Sacred Hammer) after doing the ultimate.


That’s the Mobile Legends combo hero version of FajarYusufDotCom, if you have never played mobile legends download it now!

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