New Custom Action Emotes Mobile Legends For 4 Heroes

Currently there is a leak about 4 new Custom Action Emotes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game for Gatotkaca, Eudora, Vale and Hanabi! After a while, some heroes have gotten a leak about the custom Action Emote. For this new one, there are four heroes who will get their turn to get their Emote action.

Yep, the 4 heroes are Gatotkaca, Hanabi, Eudora and Vale. These four heroes now get a custom Emote action which is definitely unique. For those of you who are curious about how their action emote is, is it suitable for taunting enemies when present on the original server.

Mobile legends custom action emotes

Emote Ghatotkacha: Mock

Gatotkaca will pose as if showing his muscular muscles. This emote can be used for all Ghatotkacha skins including the Epic Lucky Box.

Emote Vale with: Guffaw

Vale will laugh at the dead opponent until he falls. This emote is perfect for taunting after killing enemies.

Hanabi Emote: Ninja Showtime

Much like the Lesley emote throwing a gun, Hanabi throws her gun and shows off her prowess as a ninja.

Eudora Emote: Scorn

Eudora would laugh and tease like an antagonist in a movie and feel proud to have killed an opponent. What is certain is that this emote is suitable for taunting the enemy.

Yep, those are the four newest custom Action Emotes in Mobile Legends, there will be more heroes who have unique emotes, so not only with stickers, players can also use special emotes for their respective heroes.

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