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New Features for Streamer Mobile Legends In-Game Chat

Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Moonton brings in-game content the latest features. On the major update September 17, Mobile Legends will present new features in live streaming while playing.

In this new feature, there will also be chat column features like features that are usually present in streaming applications such as YouTube streaming and Facebook streaming.

Features chat for Streamer Mobile Legends

This comment column is useful for making it easier for streamers to interact with

their audience in-game during the match.

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Features chat for Streamer Mobile Legends

To be able to start streaming, each player must meet several conditions that must be met, including the player must reach a minimum tier rank Master, then have more than 20 fans, and have played at least 30 times in the past week.

However, for players who do not yet meet the requirements do not need to worry, because players can still do live streaming.

However, for live streaming players that do not qualify will be limited, can only display gameplay without audio.

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