Skin Special Baru Granger Mobile Legends new

New Granger Mobile Legends Special Skin Appearance, Similar to Assassin

Granger is currently a hero who is rumored to be getting a new skin that will be released soon. This Marksman Hero some time ago got a Limited Legend Skin through an event, it seems Granger is Moonton and Mobile Legends players favorite hero.

But this is very reasonable because this new skin is a skin that Granger can get at the Mobile Legends Skin Design event which has been going on for quite a while. Granger’s new skin is likely to have the same special label/type as Natalia’s skin at last year’s event.

After Granger got two new skins, namely the Legend skin and the very unique Star Wars ‘Megatron’ skin. This skin is also a skin that can be obtained cheaper because it will usually be sold at a price of 749 diamonds.

Skin Special Baru Granger Mobile Legends new

And for the appearance of this new skin, it will be dominated by the purple black color which makes Granger appear quite different from the skins that have been presented previously. And if we look at Granger on this skin it looks like an Assassin.

For the certainty of the release date there is still no for now, but most likely this new skin will be released in the next 1-3 months.

Source: Dafrixkun


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