carmilla mobile legends

New Mobile Legends Support Hero Named Carmilla

Moonton as the game developer of MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang often provides new content updates to attract the attention of players.

This is way Moonton to provide new content so that players will not feel bored with their game, and the addition of new content to be released in the future. Moonton has released a new hero support named Carmilla.

Carmilla has a beautiful face, wearing a charming red dress and pale white skin like a castlevania vampire. But apparently Carmilla does not absorb blood, this latest support hero uses his passive skills to absorb the defenses of the enemy.

Carmilla mobile legends

Yep, if you are interested in this hero, here is an explanation of Carmilla’s skill:

  • Vampire Pact Skill Passive: a skill that will activate and absorb 3-6 physical defenses and magical defenses of the enemy, and add them to Carmilla’s own defense.
  • Crimson Flower Skill 1: Carmilla issues 2 flowers that will surround Carmilla. The flower will do damage to enemies, increase the movement speed of Carmila and give a slow effect to enemies who hit it.
  • Bloodbath Skill 2: Carmilla accumulates energy for a few seconds, which when hurled, will do damage to enemies and provide additional stun effects. The duration of the stun given will depend on the energy accumulation available by Carmilla. This skill will also increase the movement speed of Carmilla itself!
  • Ultimate Curse of Blood Skill: Carmilla puts a curse on her enemy, which if it hits 1 hero will spread to 2 other heroes. The damage dealt to the enemy hit by the curse will spread to other enemies. cool again, the stun effect of the hero will also spread. So that other heroes will also be affected by this effect.

Yep, that’s some explanation of the Carmilla skill. Do you think that with the release of the new hero you will be even more enthusiastic about playing the Mobile Legends game?

Carmilla Mobile Legends Gameplay
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