This is the New Hero Gameplay Cecilion Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang always making major updates to HeroSkin, and other content gradually, after the 2.0 update, Moonton as a developer also plans to change a variety of views, from Turret until Minion views.

Then of course, with the update running, Moonton will also present a new Hero, previously they have also released new heroes Ling and Wan-Wan. After that Moonton has also prepared Silvana and Carmilla.

Now Mobile Legends has released a new Hero on Advance ServerCecilion. This hero has a vampire-like appearance using a stick as a weapon. On the back of his body Cecilion has a pair of wings that are shaped separately.

Cecilion mobile legends

Cecilion also has a unique skill, especially in the first skill, Bad Impact. This skill will throw bats at the enemy, which can change up to a stack of six times of use, each change of skill will get stronger. Then Cecilion also has a crowd control skill and a very powerful ultimate damage area skill .

Cecilion Gameplay:

Gameplay Cecilion Mobile Legends

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