New Hero Mobile Legends Phoveus Released on Advance Server

After the announcement of the splash art and new hero design survey, now the new hero in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang moba game is finally presented to the advance server. Yep, this new Mobile Legends hero is called Phoveus, with a role fighter and mage.

With the presence of Phoveus on the advance server, Moonton also presents 3D character models and descriptions of Phoveus’ skill sets. In this explanation, we already know how this new hero will be able to be played later in gameplay.

Even though he is not a pure fighter hero, Phoveus can be used as a support hero because Phoveus’ skill set has a lot of crowd control. Not only that, Phoveus can provide magic damage, which means that the 106th Mobile Legends hero relies heavily on his skill set. Phoveus Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Deity Intuition

Every time an enemy hero uses a blink or dash skill near Phoveus, then all Phoveus’ skill sets will be reduced by one second of cooldown.

This passive skill is perfect for fighting heroes with high mobility, such as Fanny and Lancelot. Because passive skills will be active and active skills will continue to be reset when fighting them, causing crowd control to occur more often.

Skill 1: Malefic Terror

Phoveus throws the weapon on the ground and deals damage and slow to enemies who are hit in the area. Every enemy who is hit by this skill, then Phoveus will get a shield, this skill can be stacked 3x.

This skill is a skill from Phoveus which is suitable when you want to play as a support or tanker. With the addition of a shield and low cooldown, it can make Phoveus difficult to kill.

Skill 2: Astaros Eye

Phoveus summon an eye on the ground, and whoever is inside that eye will be drawn to the center. The movement of the enemy affected by this skill is part of the dash or blink, so it will trigger Phoveus’ passive skill.

With this skill, Phoveus can combine all enemies at one point then attack him with the first skill for higher damage. It should also be noted that skill 2 greatly affects skill 3.

Skill 3: Deity Force

Whoever the enemy uses dash or blink skills near Phoveus, Phoveus can immediately teleport over the enemy. Enemies who are hit by this teleport will immediately get damage instantly and Phoveus can do it every time an enemy hero uses dash or blink.

This skill is perfect for heroes who always move during team fights. And we can confirm that this new hero is a troublesome counter for heroes who rely on mobility, such as Fanny, Gusion, WanWan and Lancelot.

Source: Mobile Legends Advance Server


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