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New Hero Marksman Mobile Legends, Wanwan Ready for Action!

Moonton has just released a new mobile markman hero that is very agile, this is because the new hero has a very unique skill and is different from other marksman. Mobile Legends will release a new hero who has the role marksman by the name Wanwan. This hero has a crossbow weapon thrown.Unlike the usual marksman hero, this hero has quite difficult controls because to activate the ultimate skill, you must throw the four kunai times on each side of the hero that has been marked. If all four sides are hit by a basic attack then Wanwan will issue the ultimate skill in the form of a kunai throw in quick and rapid succession.Although it is quite difficult, this hero is very agile, so it will be easy to chase enemies or run away from enemy attacks, like other heroes, if a hero has a high level of difficulty then the hero will also be overpower .
Wawan hero mobile legends

Wanwan Skill

Tiger Pace (Passive): Wanwan regarding the Vital point of the opposing hero hit by hers secret weapon. If she hits all the Vital points of the target, she can give 25% additional damage to the target.
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