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New Item Mobile Legends Combine 3 Items Roam, Jungle & Movment

There is a leak about a new item in the MOBA Mobile Legends game that combines the functions of roam, jungle, and movment items in just one item.

As players already know that roam, jungle and movement items have their respective functions and uses. However, according to the leak announced in the upcoming update, there will be a new item that combines all the uses and functions of roam, jungle and movement items.

In a post from one of the Mobile Legends leak accounts, there is information about the new item. This new item was made by Moonton to save slots in the Mobile Legends game.

Because if the player uses item movement, jungle and roam, the player needs three slot items, with this new item it will save only one item slot, the rest of the other slots can be used for other items.

Fajaryusuf.com mobile legends new new item roam jungle movement

As players know that roam items have active skills that can be used, because according to Moonton roam players have an important role but often don’t get highlight moments in gameplay, with this item, the roamer’s role is definitely even more important.

In addition, for the three existing roam items, it is possible that some will be removed, and most likely the Awe Mask, but this is still not certain.

Not only new item information, there is also a new skill, namely engage, which will be present along with the new item, but it is still not clear about this skill. The existing leak information certainly makes Mobile Legends even more interesting.

Source: mobilelegendsverum


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