Logo Baru new Mobile Legends video Project NEXT Beyond Legends

New Mobile Legends Logo And Project NEXT Beyond Legends Video

In preparation for the Project NEXT update, there were several interesting announcements announced by the Mobile Legends Bang Bang team. First, there is the new Mobile Legends logo that uses classic MOBA maps as basic elements, and intuitively represents the mobile MOBA game genre.

The core of the new Mobile Legends logo is the letter ‘M’ combined with the MOBA line map. The letters are applied using a Sans-serif font with some right-angled Serif decorations. In the middle of the letter ‘O’ there is a crystal in the shape of a tower as a symbol of the Tower in the game. For its texture the new logo takes on a metallic gold color.

New Logo new Mobile Legends video Project NEXT Beyond Legends a

Furthermore, the update is still in preparation Project NEXT, Mobile Legends released a new video, Beyond Legends. As an important component in this NEXT Project, MLBB is consistent in re-releasing their classic Hero. Classic heroes who have become legends in the MLBB game will have new skills, new stories and new looks. In this video, Eudora, Zilong and Miya train themselves in their own way and become better than before, which is an important point in Project NEXT Beyond Legends.

The video’s theme song also illustrates the concept of BeyondLegends. Depicting the story of the trailer’s contents, the lyrics of the song will start off a little low and gradually work their way up to where the legends are eventually upgrade.

And the next news, from September 13 to September 27 2020, MLBB in collaboration with Likee, a short video application, held a #BeyondLegendsHeroesChallenge. This challenge invites users of both applications to make the most unique and creative creations using filters from 5 revamped heroes, yep Miya, Zilong, Eudora, Layla and Saber. There are prizes in the form of Mobile Legends skin types from Elite Skin to Epic Skin for 10 winners at #BeyondLegendsHeroesChallenge.

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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