The New Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Redeem Code May 3 – 2021

The new Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Redeem Code on May 3, 2021 which is shared for the results of the MPL ID Season 7 Grand Final match between Evos Legends vs Bigetron Alpha.

The MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB game often presents interesting events by giving in-game prizes such as double gold, double EXP and many more.

But not only during the event, players can get some free attractive prizes for this MOBA game. Players can also get various attractive prizes by exchanging the redeem code that was officially issued by Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) to welcome the MPL ID Season 7 playoff event.

Players can get various kinds of items by exchanging the redeem code that the player has gotten. For players who are still looking for the latest Mobile Legends redeem code May 3 – 2021, here’s the code:

  • 2kmv4sqyep6e22ah2
  • f6qsj2bv7tbt22ah2
  • 3r2k345kg6b622ah3
  • 3wtyfs7mwdp662ah3
  • 836ytyg46afa22ah2
  • b9ukvgk84xj822ah2
  • c8z8hecnu64t22ah2
  • 75zxq66crmgs22ah3
  • 8n4fm952n7qp22ah3
  • b9hbxjuxfww822ah3
Mobile legends Redeem code for new code may new may 2021

If players are still confused about how to enter the Mobile Legends redeem code, players only need to enter the code exchange website and fill in the redemption code, game ID and verification code. After that, players only need to log into Mobile Legends and check what items inbox they get when claiming the code above.

But it must be remembered, if the redeem code has met the maximum quota, the player will no longer be able to use the latest May 2021 redeem code, so that the player who is the fastest to claim the redeem code is the player who is successful.

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Redeem code exchange website, click HERE


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