New Mobile Legends Tank Hero, Gloo Released on Advance Server

It has been released on the advanced MOBA Mobile Legends game server a new hero tank named Gloo, which has a very Overpowered skill-set and is a struggle for players.

If you get access to the Mobile Legends advanced server, you will find a new hero who has a role tank.

This new hero is called Gloo, at first glance the appearance of this tank hero is similar to Storm Spirit or Morphling in Dota 2.

But Gloo skill-set is very different, Gloo has its own uniqueness, it can even be said that this Gloo skill-set is very Overpowered. gloo mobile legends

Gloo has quite high mobility and several trap effects that are very troublesome for the enemy, and also the ultimate skill that can be used to stick with enemy heroes that Gloo determines while dealing damage.

In addition, this Gloo is also a Mobile Legends tank hero with high magical damage thanks to these skills.

The time when this new hero will be released to the original Mobile Legend server is still unknown.

The possibility is still very long because there are still a number of new heroes who haven’t been released to the original server, one of which is Beatrix.

What do you think about the new ML hero who has a role tanker?


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