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New Skin Survey Ruby: Pirates, Lady Clown, & Lady Rocker

After getting the latest skin Lady Zombie on Mobile Legends, in May 2019, now Ruby is rumored to be getting another new skin through a skin survey.

Ruby is a hero fighter, who specializes in Crowd Control (CC) and is very important in teamwork.

This ability is also very difficult for many players to use, because, if they have not been trained to use it, then this hero will be considered useless for the team.

But right now, there are more and more Ruby players, so Moonton wants to give more skins by giving a leak of the latest skin.

ruby new skin survey
  • First skin survey: Ruby wears a costume like a pirate. Ranging from robes to hats are very much like the clothes of a pirate captain.
  • Second skin survey: Ruby wears clothes like a Rocker with purple and black clothes, and a scythe with guitar strings. Is this skin name later “Lady Rocker” ?.
  • Third skin survey: Ruby uses clothes like scary Halloween clowns. With pale white makeup.

In your opinion, which survey skin is best suited for the next new Ruby skin?

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